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Wii Sports
Wii Sports.png
Release dates: NA November 19th, 2006

JP December 2nd, 2006
AUS December 7th, 2006
EU December 8th, 2006

Number of games: 5 sports, 15 training games and Wii fitness age
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo

Wii Sports is the launch game for the Nintendo Wii. Until 2011, the game was included when buying the Wii, excluding in Japan. The five sports included in the game are tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. There are also 15 training activities, three for each sport. You can also get a daily Wii fitness age depending on how you do on three different training games.

The game generally receives good reviews from critics. As of March 2012, it is the best-selling Wii game, more than doubling the game in second place. In 2009 a sequel, Wii Sports Resort, was released. It features 12 sports with additional games in most but there is no training or Wii fitness age.



There are five sports. Each sport has a skill level which rises or drops after a game depending on the player's performance. If a players skill level reaches 1000, they become a Pro and on some sports a change will happen when playing. The highest possible skill level is usually slightly above 3000 or around 2500.


Tennis is always a doubles match. The player(s) can have duplicates of them self playing, or choose to remove themselves from the game and watch CPUs playing. The remaining places not selected by the player(s) are filled up with CPUs. The scoring in matches goes 0, 15, 30, 40, game and there is a deuce at 40 - 40.


In baseball the player's or players' team(s) are chosen automatically. The game has 3 innings. The fielding is done automatically. The pitcher can throw differently depending on what buttons they press on the Wii remote.


Bowling is played by holding down the B button and releasing it to throw. The player's Mii can move left and right and change the angle of the ball.


There are nine holes to play in golf. There are the difficulties beginner, intermediate and expert, which are all three-hole games, and there is one nine-hole game. The golf clubs are driver, iron, wedge and putter. The areas the ball can land are fairway, rough, edge of green, green, water hazard and out of bounds.


Boxing is played over 3 rounds with the player trying to knock out their opponent. This is the only sport to use the nunchuck (which along with the Wii remote mimics the player's hands).


There are 15 training activities, 3 for each sports. There is a score for all of them and a medal if the player did reasonably well (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). Most activities have a maximum score possible. The training does not affect anything in the main sport.

Wii fitness age[edit]

This is a daily activity where you play three training activities and get a "Wii fitness age" which ranges from 20 to 80 years old, 20 being the best. The activities measures a players balance, speed and stamina.

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